In 2011, Zumba started taking off in the UK. I joined a class in Shoreham Impulse leisure centre, and soon I enjoyed it, even if I was slow at picking the moves. Once the teacher wasn't available, so they sent a replacement. It was the first time I was shocked. The energy wasn't the same, neither were the songs or the choreographies. I then understood the importance of a good teacher.

I left the area, and I found some Yoga and Tango lessons instead. I finally found a new Zumba class in Brighton in 2016. It took me about 3 months to realise that the songs were really good, often drilling into my brain without noticing them. Slowly I started discovering more tunes, more choreos, and my love for Zumba grew infinitely.

What I really adore, is how they are so inclusive. They throw any good old dance songs, Madonna, Prince, Bollywood! Hip hop.. it's not just reggaeton, there is plenty of variety of music. I feel the music with every cell of my body now. If I ever feel down, Zumba makes it so much better! I am passionate about music, and even though some songs are not my cup of tea, like 'Don't stop the music' from Rihanna, when I watch the choreography and dance to it live, it makes the song very enjoyable to dance to!

I did the Zumba instructor course, although I am not a natural dancer, they train you for a full day, and give you the tools to be able to teach. I guess they know that with practise, perfection comes. I haven't been able to use it (yet), but probably one day..


- I was dying to listen to a good DJ.

- I always wanted to dance decently to cool songs.

- I didn't like Reggaeton music.

- I would have never done a shimmy in my life.

- I didn't use to break a sweat.


Even if it's raining, freezing, or if I am ill or injured, I always have energy for Zumba!

I can walk upstairs like a breeze!

I released the dancing tiger in me.

I have a huge Zumba music database in my brain, try me!

I will keep on praising the Zumba movement.