In 2015, I met a group of older travellers in Lima, Peru. They were chasing Milongas, which is a Tango dance evening, pretty much happening everywhere and at any time! I always wanted to learn Tango! I found some starter lessons in the small village of Ferring, 12 minutes away from where I lived at the time.

I didn't have proper high heels, and after the first 6 weeks, I decided I wanted to carry on, and dance properly in heels. My teacher provided me with a suitable starter pair, I was 35 years old, about time I got started in wearing heels other than in a wedding! I found it exhausting, but soon I made friendships. One of the ladies was going to every Milonga she could, as she had breast cancer before, so she was living life to the full. She was going through menopause but she carried on!

I did the same, I never thought I would be looking forward to dancing so close to a man, but I actually always wanted to be asked for a dance. I always wanted to go out on a Saturday, but not drink. Just enjoy a night out. Tango gave me exactly that. One of the Milongas was in Herstmonceux Castle, and I felt like a princess! Shame the Zara dress I was wearing had a strange opening, so I was accidentally sharing my sexy knickers with the Tango crowd.

There was a Tango shoe stall called 'Balanceo', in a Milonga, the guy was really helpful. I ordered a £180 hand made shoe to fit my needs. They had memory foam in them, so the impact of dancing on high heels would be less painful. A lady said she noticed her knees felt pain, if she wore cheap shoes. I was using the Dr Scholl gel pads, they were quite handy, but I loved the investment in my handmade pair, it paid off! I will get back to Tango one day, when I find 'my' ideal partner.


- I never used to go out on a Saturday night.

- I never though I'd chase men in a room!

- I didn't know I liked Tango music.


Everyone lights up when I mention I danced Tango.

I lost my belly weight and my body is more stylised!

I think is one of the best things I ever started in life.