September 15, 2018
October 27, 2018


A mouse, looking through a hole in the wall, saw the farmer and his wife open a packet.

He was terrified to see it was a mouse trap!

He run to the corridor, to warn everyone.

‘There is a mouse trap at home, a mouse trap!’

The chicken, said ‘Excuse me Mr Mouse. I understand it’s a problem for you, but it does not affect me at all’.

He then went to the lamb, and said the same: ‘Excuse me Mr Mouse. I don’t think I can do anything else for you other than to include you on my prayers’.

He went to the cow, who said: ‘Am I in any danger ? I don’t think so!’

The mouse came back home, worried and defeated to face the farmer’s mouse trap.

That night there was a loud noise, like the mouse trap catching its prey.

The woman run to see what they caught.

In the darkness, she didn’t see it was the tail of a venomous snake.

The snake bit the woman pretty fast.

The farmer took her to the hospital and she came back with fever.

The farmer, to comfort her, prepared a nutritious soup. He took the knife and looked for the main ingredient: the chicken.

As his wife did not improve, his friends and neighbours came to visit them. The farmer killed the lamb to feed them.

The wife did not get better and she died. The farmer sold his cow to the slaughter house to cover the funeral costs.

Next time someone tells you their problem, and you do not believe that it affects you, because it is not yours and you don’t pay attention, think twice.

If you don’t live TO SERVE, you do not DESERVE to live.

The world is not going wrong because of bad people’s bad actions. It goes wrong because of the APATHY of the good people.

If you are not selfish share it.