September 15, 2018
September 15, 2018


A group of frogs were in the forest when suddenly two of them fell in a deep well.

All the rest were around the well.

When they saw how deep the well was, they said “You might as well be dead”.

The two frogs did not pay attention to their comments and they tried to jump out of the well with all their strength.

The others kept insisting that their efforts were useless.

Finally one them paid attention to what the other frogs were saying, and it surrendered.

It then collapsed and died.

The other frog carried on jumping as far as she could.

Again, the frog crowd shouted and made signs to stop suffering and to become ready to die as there was no point in fighting.

But the frog jumped with more and more strength, until it managed to come out of the well.

When she came out, the other frogs said ‘We are pleased that you managed to come out, despite what we were shouting at you’.

They then realised the frog was deaf, and she thought the others were cheering her up to make a bigger effort to come out of the well.

Moral of the story:

1. A word has the power to give life or death. An encouraging word to someone that feels low, can help lift them up and finish their day.

2. A destructive word to someone who is feeling low can be what ends up destroying them.

A related reference: in USA, the NASA, there is a beautiful poster with a bee, that says: ‘Aerodynamically, the body of a bee is not made for flying, the good thing is that the bee does not know that’.

How about we block out the negative things and begin to encourage each other?