July 7, 2018
September 15, 2018


Once upon a time, somewhere in the earth, all the feelings and  the qualities of the humans met.
 When BOREDOM yawned for the third time, MADNESS, as always, so mad, suggested them:
-“Let’s play hide and seek”.
INTRIGUE lifts the eyebrow intrigued and CURIOSITY couldn’t help it and asked:
– Hide and seek? ¿What is that?
-It’s a game, explained MADNESS, in which I close my eyes, and I start counting from one until one million, while you all hide, and when I stop finishing counting, the first one I find, will take my place to continue the game.
ENTHUSIASM danced, followed by EUPHORIA, HAPPINESS jumped so many times that ended up convincing to DOUBT, even to APATHY, who was never interested in anything.
 But not all of them wanted to participate, TRUTH preferred not to hide. What for? If at the end they would always find her, and SUMPTUOUSNESS thought that was a silly game (indeed, she was very annoyed that was not her idea) and COWARDICE preferred not to take risks…
-One, two, three… started counting MADNESS.
 The first one to hide was LAZINESS, which as always, laid down by the first stone in the way, FAITH went to heaven, and ENVY hid behind the shadow of TRIUMPH, which with its own effort got to get to the top of the highest tree.
GENEROSITY was almost not able to hide, every place she found, she thought it was wonderful for one of her friends, a crystalline lake? Ideal for BEAUTY; the crack of a tree? Perfect for SHYNESS; the flight of a butterfly? The best for VOLUPTUOUSNESS; the gust of wind? Great for FREEDOM. So it ended up hiding in a little sunbeam.
EGOISM instead, found a very good place from the beginning, breezy, comfortable… but just for himself.
LIE hid deep inside the ocean (false! indeed she hid behind the rainbow) and PASSION and DESIRE in the centre of the volcanoes.
OBLIVION… I forgot where it was hidden… but that’s not important.
When MADNESS was counting 999.999, LOVE still didn’t find a place to hide, as everything was occupied… until he saw a rosebush, and touched, decided to hide between its flowers.
-“One million”- counted MADNESS and started seeking. The first one to appear was LAZINESS, just three steps away from a stone.
Then she heard FAITH arguing with God in heaven about Zoology, and felt PASSION and DESIRE in the vibration of the volcanoes.
In an overlook found ENVY, and, of course, could figure out where was TRIUMPH. EGOISM was not even necessary to search for. It came out by itself galloping from his lurk, that happened to be a beehive.
From walking so long, she felt thirsty, and when approaching the lake, she found BEAUTY, and with DOUBT was even easier, as was sitting down by a fence, hesitating still where to hide.
So was finding all of them, TALENT between the fresh grasses, ANGUISH in a dark cave, LIE behind the rainbow… (false, as it was supposed to be deep inside the ocean) even OBLIVION… that already forgot that was playing hide and seek, but just LOVE still didn’t show up.
MADNESS searched behind every single tree, every single stream of the planet, on the top of the mountains, and when she was about to give up, she spotted a rosebush and the roses… It took an oarlock, and started removing the branches, when suddenly, a painful scream was heard. The spines hurt LOVE’s eyes.
MADNESS didn’t know what to do to apologise. It cried, begged, pleaded, apologised and even promised to be her blind man’s guide.
From then, when “hide and seek” game was played for the very first time on earth:
Love is blind and the Madness is always accompanying it!!!!