January 26, 2019
February 4, 2019



In my room I met a Chilean woman, Montserrat, before she went out on a day trip. She lives in Luxembourg.

I accidentally opened a different room & an Argentinian girl, Damaris that lives in Barcelona, started talking to me, we exchanged numbers, she wanted company but she needed a siesta.

I did some laundry and I had a restful evening in my room, after changing towns and beds for a week.

I rung my sister in law, her mum died. I was telling her about my friend's suicide and 2 boys seemed to stare at me.

A girl came, she was about to put her headphones on. I started making conversation.

Thalia was from Peru living in Barcelona. Montserrat came back & joined our conversation.

The 2 boys came back, they were Argentinian, no wonder the stare.

A USA couple came in, they also spoke Spanish!

I told Damaris to come to our room, everyone was friendly.

Thalia, Damaris and I did the day trip for the island next day.

I was having a go at them for speaking Spanish to the Greeks. Only I did that too later, I spoke so much Spanish!

I had a lush crepe and we watched the sunset together.

In the evening we drunk Micheladas to say goodbye to Montserrat (salted glass with beer & lemon).

Next day we were lazing around Perissa beach. Don't bother with the white or red beach, said Thalia.

Free sunloungers as long as you order food from them. Cool!

Me: Can I do topless?
Guy: What is topless?
Me: Top - less.
Guy: Nooo.. there are children..
Me: So? We do it in our country.
Guy: ok.

Me putting cream discreetly, undoing my top..
Guy: HEY TOPLESS!! Shouting out loud.

Ah whatever, they are not sexual weapons..

We said bye to Thalia in the evening.

Damaris and I went to the beach again next day, she called me lizard as I love sunbathing.

I said goodbye to her in the evening. I felt a bit sad, my 3 latino women left. I wondered in town, headed home in the coach.

A lovely Ukrainian woman was in my new room. She was a photographer we spoke until 3am!

We went for breakfast and we laid in the beach for a bit until she left at 4. I had too much Sun & migraine.

Yes I did laundry after a week, because no matter where I go or for how long (a month maximum), I always travel with hand luggage.

A hard strong Samsonite suitcase, forget about zips, it is also quite a nice seat whilst I wait.

My sister in law inspired me to travel with less clothes, and also my arms injury. She was right, you don't need so many clothes.

Airlines also inspire you to travel light.

I couldn't sunbathe that day yet I laid in the beach under the umbrella.

Another Ukrainian girl was with me, I wasn't very keen on her. The first thing she said when I met her in our room was that she didn't have much money (whilst on hols??)

I went 'home' and I met a guy from Colombia. I asked him to rub banana skin on my back, as it does wonders for sunburns. I admitted I was gay just in case..

I slept on the migraine and next day I went exploring other beaches. I saw some nudists, a guy wanking..

In the evening I met a Japanese guy. He rented a scooter, he drove us to town & we had a wonderful cheap dinner, we went 'home' after a walk.

The Ukrainian girl was with a Russian woman, she asked if I wanted to join them for a drink. She seemed friendly, I agreed.

The Ukrainian girl left to her toyboy's, and I was having a banana split and a tequila at 1am because this is how I roll.

The Russian woman was adamant that terrorists deserved to die.

After listening to my guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, I can now see that everyone who does something bad, is crying for love. Acceptance.

They choose the worst ways, because they are easily swayed. They'd do anything to be accepted & feel like they belong somewhere, that they have a purpose.

Forgive me if I'm mistaken, I believe Governments use the excuse of terrorism to pass stupid laws like the 100ml rule. It seems like a plot to make us spend more..

The Russian woman woke up grumpy the next day, a guy snored rather hard in our room and she wanted to lecture him to sort it out.

It is rare I encounter annoyances on my trips, it didn't disturb my sleep too much.


This is the suitcase I travel with everywhere, durable, no zips to worry about, sturdy, I can sit on it..

This is the towel I took with me, so light, thin and fast drying!