July 7, 2018
September 15, 2018


Guy: How was your Easter?Me: Good, I took my brother to Legoland.

Guy: Cool.

Me: He is 35 years old. ?

Guy: Nothing wrong with that!! ?

My brother is 2 years older than me and we went through a lot of happy memories ?

We cherished a comic book, I found it years later for him ❤

He introduced me to the cool movie “The adventures of Ford Fairlane” he knows all the sentences!

We were given free Lego in a shoe box by a neighbour as kids and we fell in love w it.

I didn’t know there was a Legoland in UK but when I went, I didn’t post it in egobook coz I always wanted to surprise him when he came to see me.

I even lied and I said to him it was in Denmark when he asked ??

I forgot all about it and in 2014 he came.

Someone mentioned Legoland and I asked his wife if “we should take him” even though I thought it might be quite busy.

“Definitely, he’s always talking about Lego” ?

I lied again and I said to him we were going to Windsor Castle.

I was dreading the sign that would say “Legoland” and when we passed it, slowly he turned around and he asked “Legoland”?

I couldn’t help smiling and he was gobsmacked we had one and we were going to it!

I felt like the best sister in the world ✌?

I also bought him an instrumental CD “Enchantments” by Chris Spheeris as we listened to it from our older brother.

We went to the beach with his kids and I noticed how OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) he became, dusting sand from the beach chair, so the car would be impeccable.

On Black Friday I bought him a handheld Dyson for £89 and he’s still over the moon with it.

They say we have different coping mechanisms so if you have OCD is like helping you feel mentally better.

I do like a clean toilet and sink limescale free, but not crazy about it. I definitely feel better after doing it ?