Our bodies are different, and some people can become aggressive with different triggers: alcohol, drugs, sugar or certain foods.

Recurrent infection, out of breath, eczema, back pain that never quite goes away. We perceive sugar and alcohol as a “treat”, a “present”, a “celebration”. We perceive sugar free products as “safe”. It’s time to unlearn.

I can be addictive. I can give you a temporary satisfaction, and damage something at the same time. I am made of artificial chemicals that can alter your mood, brain, organs, teeth and health, for worst, mostly. I bring a lot of money to my producers, at your health’s and pocket’s expense. I can bring the worst in you mentally and physically, potentially breaking relationships. Often I would make you look and feel a lot older than you are. If you have a talent, dream or ambition, I can bury it so deep, you might not remember it.

You could end up lying, become selfish, anxious, aggressive, lethargic, irritable, unhealthy. You might argue, hurt and push people away, make them cry. I could be your priority. You could spend all your money on me, believing you are in control.

The ones that loved you could be heartbroken, as they will not like what I do to you. They know it’s not you, it’s your addiction to me, that make you behave this way. They knew the real you, and they might never be able to get you back. They might give up on you, if you don’t listen. They could feel sad for years, for not having been able to come close to you. They might never know how much you loved them. You might never know how much they loved you.

This chance you were given to live, could be wasted away. You always have two choices. If you let me into your life, you can choose to stop. If you don’t, all you will likely feel is regret.

Thousands of “I love you” were said on Valentine’s day. Millions didn’t dare to say it and silenced it. Be who you were, before all that stuff happened that dimmed your shine. No one else will do it for you. We have two hands, one to help others, and one to help yourself. Our body never lies, our ego lies.
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- I used to eat bad food

- I thought sugar gave us energy.

- I didn't know any better


I stay away from bad foods.

I know water is the best hydration option.

I value Mother Nature's food...