I worked as an online live chat advisor for 3 years, I am a touch typist. I 'chat' to 3 customers at once. We had a very busy period, and both my arms started aching. I thought it was temporary, so I started wearing wrist’s bandages. It was still busy at work, and I felt I could no longer type.

I developed tennis elbow (epycondilitis), a repetitive strain injury. I was told it would get worst, before it could get better, as I needed to strengthen my muscle to build endurance. I exercised reluctantly, yet my arms felt relieved. I had contradicting information online, "have a rest" versus "do exercise or muscles will become lazy", "put ice" versus "put heat".

I tried everything I could put my hands on, except medicine, as I am allergic to some medicines. Physiotherapy, acupuncture with electricity, massages, ultrasounds, magnesium supplement, sour cherry juice supplement, celery, heat, elbow strap, ground ginger, ground turmeric, white willow bark, dandelion leave tea, aloe vera, broccoli, vegetable purees, salmon, epsom salts, lots of mixed juices, all sorts of nuts that contain magnesium…Chinese herbs from the acupuncture place helped me. I had to boil them each night, put them on a bucket with a blanket, and my arms to have steam over them for 1 hour. Wheatgrass powder also helped, as well as removing stress from my life.

Louise Hay has a theory that, what you don't resolve in your mind, it manifests as a disease in your body. If you are tense, frustrated, angry, the body cannot heal.

Spanish doctor Alberto Marti Bosch has an eye opener video in YouTube about cancer: We use medieval methods to beat cancer. We either burn it with chemotherapy, or cut it, or poison it with drugs. Why do you want to cure something from the outside, when the problem is inside? Hydrotherapy was recommended for cancer patients. Salty water is good for healing injuries. "A rich person is the one that has money, and doesn’t spend it. If you go to the supermarket and buy 2 kg of salt at 30p each, it is quite an affordable hydrotherapy". 95% of cancers are caused by the food we eat. Only 5% of them have been inherited.

When your body is hurting, there is an imbalance somewhere. Upper back pain is usually unreleased anger. Lower back pain is usually unreleased sadness. We are meant to move our muscles. You can do reasonable exercise you are capable of. Yoga helps us correct bad postures. If you have a disease, your body is asking you for something. What is it, and why don’t you give it to it?


- I was a very fussy eater.

- I used to think I was immortal and healthy.

- I held onto a lot of anger.

- I used to eat bad food regularly.

- I was getting colds regularly.


I understand 'We are what we eat' completely.

I try to eat without labels.

I always do exercise.

I no longer enjoy sugar.

I try to resolve my emotional problems.