November 4, 2018
January 27, 2019

I had to support my work colleague in maintaining the database, as he worked part time, and my boss didn’t like to rely on just one person.

I had no solid foundations, however I realised pretty quickly that I could find the answers to the Microsoft Access database errors online.

I then started experimenting with HTML and WordPress to build websites.

I wanted something bigger.

My friend is a proper developer, he went to University and made a mobile app with me, with the application ‘Unity’.

It was very out of my depth, however I was keen to learn more.

I found website and I was spoilt for choice!

Work contributed up to £150 of my learning for that year, and the courses are reasonably cheap, so I managed to buy 7 in one go!

I put them on my goal’s list, and last year I managed to do them all!

I have enjoyed thoroughly the courses, it has given me a lot of ideas, and the background that I was missing on.

I highly recommend investing in your future, because we never know when our job might come to an end. Don’t wait for things to happen.

Take control of your future. Best wishes!