June 24, 2018
June 26, 2018

The best video I’ve seen it’s by Dr Albert Marti Bosch ‘El cuerpo se cura’, The body heals (in Spanish so far).

Why do you want to cure something from the outside when the problem is INSIDE?

We clean the inside of a car easily. How about our body? When it’s dirty and blocked, diseases pour out.

My friend had a very bad eczema in her hand. 2 years of creams didn’t work. She tried 5-a-day smoothies with rather bitter vegetables (e.g. celery, avocado, etc) and the eczema was GONE with in 2 weeks. Her eczema has not come back.

Disease means your body is begging you for something. What is it and why don’t you give it to it?

You clean someone else’s ?and not a juice machine because you are lazy? ?

A farmer said his cow never touched a plant, but when she was sick she was rushing to eat from it as she knew she’d be healed.

The big pharma has done an impressive job at convincing people that we need medicine for everything.

95% of the cancer is due to the food we EAT. Only 5% is inherited.

Humans have not acknowledged that sugar, alcohol, dairy, fat and processed foods are rotting us inside. We might look good outside. Your body will have the final say.

Listen now, or you will later..