January 27, 2019

I read in an article that this book was given away to employees in capitalist places, I felt dead curious, I finally finished it!

Dagny Taggart was a coldhearted professional woman running a railroad.

Hank Rearden fought for 10 years to develop his metal. Everyone was skeptical.

Government wanted him to delay it, not to hurt the economy.

He refused to.

Dagny trusted him and needed his metal for her new train line.

Everyone wanted his metal after they tested it.

All successful businessmen were quitting and leaving with no trace, no materials could be bought.

Washington’s moronic impositions came: 

1. Trains cannot run at 100mph, only 60mph. 

2. Not 80 cars, 60. Delaying transportation.

3. Cannot sell unfair amounts

The Government wanted to buy his metal. He said ‘Take it and steal it, I won’t agree to sell it to you’.

Worst came:

4. All inventions to be handed to Government.

5. No one allowed to invent or quit their jobs.

He was caught overselling and put on trial. He dismissed them. ‘I will not let you hide what you are doing, stealing my wealth’.

Moronic impositions were their trick to blackmailing men, rules were imposed expected to be broken.

They had an affair. They blackmailed him, as he felt a duty to stay unhappily married. He accepted their corrupted moral code and broke from it afterwards.

He handed his patent to them to spare her.

She found Atlantis where all the businessmen were. They were on a strike.

Hence the title.

They wanted to show that without their talents, their world would collapse.

Similar to what Trump tried to do.

Only John Galt ‘s purpose was ethical: A trader is a man who earns what he gets and does not give or take the undeserved.

There are no evil thoughts except one; the refusal to think.