July 22, 2016
July 3, 2017


You might not know me, I am the colon cancer, also known as bowel cancer. I am an extremely popular cancer although you might have never heard of me. I might sit in your body for months not giving you any trouble.

Or I might give you very little symptoms like blood in your faeces, strong tummy pains, and some doctors might miss the signs, or even worst, they might be thinking more about the bonus they will get if they don’t refer you to hospital as you are just a liability not a human. Here is the article General Practicioners being paid to cut patient referrals published on BBC News on 2nd October 2015

Or you might not pay attention and not think much of it. Some might even dismiss it because it is unusual to have it at 33 years old instead of the usual over 50 years old.

If you read the I rule your life, prove me wrong post, you will understand that you have probably not inherited this but it is a result of you not looking after your body feeding it with the wrong foods. By the time you know you have it you will probably be in the Accidents and Emergencies department because you will have very strong tummy pains. This in short it’s because the cancer is blocking your bowels so you simply cannot go for a poo. After endless hours of waiting and pain in a not ideal temporary room you might be lucky to find a bed to stay in. If you are lucky to have anyone in A & E with you they will struggle to sleep in a chair placed in a tiny corner. Actually sleep is an exaggeration as from the wait and the uncertainty and noise of nurses and patients there will barely be any chance to sleep.

In the hospital they will try to put something in your bum to allow the poo to pass so your tummy has a workaround to relieve you. They will do lots of tests for you and you and your family and friends will be in agony waiting for results or more news to come for weeks or even months.

You could end up in Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4. In phases 3 and 4 you are guaranteed to need chemotherapy that would make your hair and immune system go, and possibly radiotherapy and perhaps another operation. This will inconvenience everyone trying to arrange time off to get you to every appointment to see if you can get to live.

If you have thin veins, the nurses will struggle to inject you everywhere. If not careful, your hands/arms can be swollen from the inflammation that the injections can produce as well as itchiness.

You’ll be starved off food as your tummy is not able to digest easily or will need to be cleaned before tests. By cleaned I mean swallowing laxative medicine that will make you poo every 10 minutes, it will make that bad curry experience like the easiest thing you had in life.

If you have diabetes your sugar levels will go really high when they put a nutrition bag on you, so they’ll have to inject more insuline to balance it out. You will not get a whole night’s sleep. You will have side effects from the operation. And you could have anything from a nightmare of roommate and their loud family and friends, or not.

Either your people or nurses will have to wipe your private parts or even shower you. In some cases they will provide you with a poo bag as your bowel will be unable to function properly. In worst cases you will keep that poo bag for life. Even when going to the beach you might have to have a “lid” or bag that you’d have to worry about.

Your family and friends will be stressed out having to look after you, juggling work and their daily responsibilities. They will feel powerless and sad to see you suffer. Some relatives you didn’t speak to for years might change their attitudes and give you another chance, or perhaps won’t.

If you think you are invincible eating all the things you fancy, time will prove you wrong. And you will wish you were more considerate with the foods you chose to eat. If you or any of you ever get this cancer, it is after all lucky as it tends to have a solution, unless found too late. If you have not faced yourself in the mirror yet because you have not had colon cancer diagnosed, it would be a good idea to start reflecting so you are not a victim like many other millions are.

Outsmart colon cancer, before he outsmarts you.. #outsmartcc

This article has been written based on mum's experience, who had a lucky escape..