The most inspiring people I ever had in life, had said 0 words to me:

1. When I met a gorgeous doctor 3 years ago, I felt so embarrassed not to look good, it made me want to change! You can read the story here.

2. A passionate dance teacher - I knew what I wanted to do in the future..You can read the story here.

3. A flatmate cooking a delicious dish from HelloFresh.

Since I read 'Living in the light' book in 2017, it said how we should use both our masculine and feminine sides, rather than just one side, to avoid attracting the same kind of 'wrong' partner, it made me wonder, WHY am I not keen in cooking?

Mum had 6 children, I was the last one, so she was understandably too tired to cook.

What's for dinner mum? - this question irritated her a lot.
Make yourself a sandwich, or an omelette.

I thought to myself, I guess it's just me, not worth spending time in the kitchen. Thus I grew up thinking I wasn't worth cooking for, even for myself.

I have been lucky to have a canteen at work for the last 14 years, or partners that were excellent cooks. I told my nephew, how the book 'The Road less travelled' said 'we can learn anything, we assume we can't, but we simply don't spend the time to do so.

He sent me a video, a guy said his friend followed a recipe, so he should be able to follow the recipe too. 🤔 It certainly planted a seed in my mind..I slowly started practising, but I knew at some point I might need a proper cooking school..

My meditation teacher once told me to pass her a 'salad spinner' - what is that? I swear I never knew what it was, or why would anyone need it! We never had one! She told me not to scrape so much ginger skin, so I wasn't very confident to put myself 'on the line' for abrupt feedback..

I never thought I would ever want someone doing a supermarket shopping for me, but now I do! HelloFresh delivers the ingredients and recipes. My first dish was beef noodles, it was DELICIOUS - I COULD COOK!! 😃 I had 24 boxes delivered, it took me 6 boxes to realise I could choose my own dishes 😱🙄 This gave me a chance to try dishes I would have never chosen.

I am getting faster, confident and very very happy! Who knew I would enjoy cooking so much? ☺️ I am always looking forward to choosing my own meals in advance, and I have it delivered on a Saturday.

How much does it cost?

I currently pay £29.99 every week, that is the cheapest offer:

- 3 meals
- 2 people
- Price per meal £5

If you are by yourself, sometimes you can make it last to 7-9 meals as the portions are generous. Or you can make sure you get either a starter or a dessert from the supermarket so you get to definitely feel full.


They have vegetarian options.
The bigger the box, the cheaper it works out.
It depends on what day you order it first, you can amend the weekly day afterwards.
You can skip as many weeks as you want!

If you live in the UK and you would like £20 off from a £29.99 minimum order box, please use this code: HS-QRQ47WGY5

This works out at £9.99 for 6 meals, that is £1.66 each!

Let us know your favourite dishes on social media at vowtoimprove, Bon Appetite!


- I used to rely on others for good food.

- I felt intimidated by the kitchen.

- I thought you either had the skill, or you didn't.


I am very confident I can cook.

I no longer miss going out to eat.

I am marvelled at trying new flavours!