I am a drug. I will make everyone who knows you, to pity you for what you have become. You will have arguments with everyone, because of me, because they will not like what I do to you. You will break your loved one’s hearts. You will make them cry, and they will be hurt by you, either physically or mentally, or both. You will not be able to feel sorry for your despicable and rude attitude towards them. I will make you feel immortal and give you the biggest ego, thinking you are always right. You will be so addicted to me, that you will always prefer me over anyone else. I will destroy every relationship I can. Your friends will fear me, and so will your family and partner. You will spend all the money you can on me, you will forget what happiness feels like, because I will put you in limbo, and make you forget about the good and the bad. You will think that I’m the only thing worth living for. You will worship me.

I was designed to make others rich at your health’s expense. Because I know that you are weak. You are nobody. I can destroy you mentally and physically, and also those around you. You will become selfish, anxious, aggressive, passive, superficial, irritable, clueless, ignorant, arrogant, powerless and stinky. I will make you look and feel a lot older than you are. I will erase any signs of youth or purity off your face and body. I will make you a hypocrite, and you will frown upon others who do different drugs, making you think you are perfect and under control. You will think that others must change or accept you as you are, and that you are normal. You are perfectly blind as I fool you every time. I will make you forget all your dreams and ambitions. If you have a talent, I will bury it so deep, you won’t remember you even have it. You will achieve nothing in life. You are so easily manipulated by me, and you don’t even realise. You will never know again what happiness or real love is, even if it was staring right in front of you. You let me win time and time again.

I will rotten your organs inside out. I will destroy every cell in your body and your happy personality. I will bring the worst in you, everyone will witness this but you. I will rotten your teeth, everyone who goes anywhere near your mouth will flinch, and wished you had better teeth. You will be so out of it, that you will be blind as to what is happening around you. You will stink of tobacco, or alcohol.
I will mess with your brain, with the chemicals that they have put on me. Because you don’t know any better. Even if you knew any better before, I will make you forget. All you will want is my drug. When you die, you will regret not having spent time with the ones who loved you. The ones who loved you, will feel sad for years, for not having been able to come close to you. Because you pushed them away with my power. They will never know how much you loved them.

You will never know how much they loved you, as you didn’t give them the chance. They gave you the chance, and you blew it every time until they gave up on you. Deep inside, your loved ones know it’s not you, it’s the drugs who make you behave this way. They knew your real you, and they are unable to get you back. Drugs do work, in my favour. You always end up losing, and those around you. Be reckless, do nothing but keep taking drugs. The world will replace you with someone else. And this chance you were given to live, will be wasted away. You always have two choices. And a drug addict will always choose my drug path. People around you will end up choosing to stay away from you, because you pushed them away, because they know drugs are stronger than a weak person like you. And when you are dead, you will see them missing you, but moving on with life. Because I ended your life. You let me into your life, you had the choice to be good and stop, and you didn’t. All you will know and will be left with is regret.

Carry on, be blind, hurt people and yourself. We know how this all ends. Drugs always win against oblivious people. And those supplying the drugs, either legally or illegally will be the ones who will be rich. Thousands of “I love you” were said on Valentine’s day. Millions didn’t dare to say it and silenced it. Help yourself, be who you were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your shine. No one else will do it for you. We have two hands, one to help others, and one to help yourself. No amount of vegetables will help you, you defeat their purpose by feeding your body with the very enemies of anything remotely good. 95% of people who has cancer is due to the food we eat, not inherited. We are what we eat. Listen closely to your body now, do you feel it is hurting?


- I used to eat bad food

- I thought sugar gave us energy.

- I didn't know any better


I stay away from bad foods, not completely.

I know water is the best hydration option.

I see the food industry's marketing strategies...