I tried to buy a flat, and I had to move out before that, so I put most of my belongings and furniture in storage. 8 weeks, they said, BUT I spent 9 months with the same pair of shoes, the same 4 trousers, 8 jumpers, and a pair of trainers and one winter coat. My vendor pulled out of the sale. I was so fed up with storage charges, that I gave everything away. I didn't even try selling it, to avoid being annoyed, if I could potentially get less money than I wanted.

I am a very determined person, so no one had to tell me to get rid of the 24 boxes of junk I had. I did it through several months, not rushing, as it was important that I carried on with my life to build resilience, as things were unstable in general. I never regretted my decisions, because they have not been impulsive, they have been thought of several times, or I knew for sure I was ready to let go. When I gave things away, I gave them with all my heart.

The first box was a bit hard, I found clothes that mum, my brother and my sister bought me. I had to push those feelings away and be honest and say to myself "I do not like these clothes anyway"! Someone else can benefit from them. I had 2 pairs of rollerblades. After 10 years, I still didn't manage to learn, due to weather, tiredness, shifts, can't be bothered moments.. And off I went to the charity shop.

I personally think that books and DVDs must be given away to charity, that is dead energy and knowledge or joy that could be shared. We can always find those books again in the library, if we really want them to, or watch them online. After all, we are meant to learn and watch new things!
When you are frustrated, you take more authentic decisions. You know what you want, and you are true to your feelings, and can honestly say whether you love an item genuinely, or if it’s a “just in case” or “when I can” hoarding behaviour. We are born naked and without anything we particularly own, and we will leave the same way. The more disciplined I get, the clearer I can see what I want in my life.

There is an amazing cyclist guy that wrote a blog. He is determined to travel light, as the less weight there is on his bicycle, the less it breaks. He didn’t need pockets, or sleeves. He cut his disposable razor in less than half, and his toothbrush! He was able to spend up to 50 days, sleeping in very comfortable lightweight bubblewrap. He wore Crocs, because they were weather proof (with a sock layer if needed be) and comfortable to walk on. When he did, all cyclists stopped talking to him. For the first time I contemplated buying Crocs, seeing the appeal of such a practical, yet very hard on the eye item. He even knew how to fix his back pain! He is like a living encyclopaedia. I was so inspired, I did my own list. If I was to go away, what would I take with me? This can prove very useful in case of emergency too. It turns out we don’t need much to live.


- Expensive shoes are more comfortable.
- It feels amazing to give out.
- We don't need half of the stuff we have.
- People buys things impulsively.


- Book: "The Juice Master" by Jason Vale.
- CD: from my brother who died.
- 16 jackets, 8 pairs of shoes :-)
- Some annoying big panda bear, that my other brother bought me.