Let go
July 2, 2016
July 22, 2016


Empowering you:

I am a dance, any dance you might be interested in. (my chosen one is Zumba).

I will make everyone who knows you to love you for what you have become. A graceful person who irradiates happiness and a fit body, exuberating elegance or super cool moves depending on what sort of dance you choose to do. You will have happy conversations with everyone, including yourself, because of me, because they will like what I do to you. I will give you confidence and you will meet new people and make new friends who are like minded like you. I will give you many occasions that will give you the best memories ever. You will make people fall in love with your passion for me. I will make you feel immortal and give you the biggest humble attitude (or not!).

You will be so addicted to me that you will make time for me over anyone else while you feel the strength to keep going. I will nourish every relationship I can indirectly, because you will be so happy you will feel like giving and sharing love even with strangers. Your friends will love me, and so will your family and partner. You will spend all the money you can on me, you will forget what sadness feels like because I will put you in heaven and make you forget about the bad times. You will notice that I’m not the only thing worth living for. You will worship me. I was designed to make you happy. Because I know that you are strong. You are somebody.

I can benefit you mentally and physically and also those around you. You will become cheerful, looking forward to my classes, buzzing, active, compassionate, wise, powerful and stinky perhaps, but in a very good way. I will make you look and feel a lot younger than you are, I will delay your signs of ageing and I will bring purity back to your face and body. I will perhaps make you a bit arrogant and you will frown upon others who do different dance/exercise than what you do, I recommend you to keep your ego under control. You will be perfectly happy as I make your day every time. I will make you remember all your dreams and ambitions, if you have a buried talent I will dig it out again from you so you will make use of it again. You will achieve something in life. You are so easily content by me and you don’t even realise.

You will never know again what sadness or real depression is even if it was staring right in front of you. You win because you are by my side time and time again. I will give your organs and bones a good shake inside out. I will produce serotonin like there is no tomorrow in your body. I will destroy your sad and negative personality, I will bring the best in you, and everyone will witness this including you. Because you will be so thrilled that you will notice as to what is happening around you. Because now you know better. Even if you didn’t know any better before, I will make you forget. All you will want is my dance.

And when you die, you will be proud of having spent time with the ones who loved you. And the ones who loved you will remember you for the shiny person you became. Because you pulled them closer with my power. They will know how much you loved them. And you will know how much they loved you, as you gave them the chance. Deep inside your loved ones are proud of who you became. They knew your real you, and they are pleased that you became a swan.

Dancing does work, in everyone’s favour. You always end up winning, and those around you. Be smart, keep on dancing. The world will replace you with someone else. And this chance you were given to live, will have not been wasted away. You always have two choices. And a dancing person will end up choosing my dancing path when they are ready to join. People around you will end up choosing to stay closer to you, because they know dance has transformed you and they want to be able to be transformed too.

And when you are dead, you will see them missing you, but moving on with life. But I gave you a life worth living for. You let me into your life, you had the choice to be careless and stop, and you didn’t. All you will know and will be left with is joy, happiness, love, cheerfulness, bliss.

This world is sometimes not run by the devil. You are living proof of this, for now.

Not only people are tempted by alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or those paracetamol junkies who can’t get enough of the fake medicine industry who is only after your money, giving you bad side effects that you are stupidly willing to put up with it.. Most people have been brainwashed and are unable to see what is really happening.. Also drugs now can come in the form of processed foods that can conveniently last for months without expiring. And of course people don’t realise the deadliest drug which is legal, is sugar. Sugar is responsible for diabetes and feeding other diseases such as cancer. 95% of people who has cancer is due to the food we eat, not inherited.

If you choose dancing, you can carry on, be happy, and love people and yourself. We know how this all ends. Drugs always win against ignorant people. And those supplying the drugs, either legally or illegally will be the ones who will be rich. And the true winners will be those who choose to dance and lead a healthy life. You now have the choice to decide who you want to be with.

You could look yourself in the mirror and make a positive change in your life today. You can ask yourself, what is it that you really want to do in life, and start making it happen. You can get a real life, you can stop watching tv, killing yourself in the gym and perhaps start doing more pleasant exercise such as dancing. Dance is an energy groover.

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