Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian mantra. We say these 4 meaningful words to heal those that are hurt, including ourselves: Please forgive me. I am sorry. Thank you. I love you. Repeat these words daily, watch magic appear..

"Who should I say sorry to"? People asks. "I am always a good person, I always do the right thing".

Perhaps say sorry to yourself, for being so harsh on yourself. Because sometimes no one will put higher standards on us, than ourselves.

Or perhaps sometimes, the way we look at others, speak to them, or not speak to them, might hurt them unintentionally.
I say the Ho'oponopono mantra every evening, and every morning. We had 4 strained relationships in my family, and they were finally magically ironed out. For the 1st time in 37 years, our family was sitting together at Christmas, putting our differences aside πŸ₯³πŸ™‚

Let us know your results! πŸ˜‰

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- Our family was never together for 37 years.

- A girl was scared of flying.

- A girl had months of home buying stress.


We put our differences aside, and sat together in Christmas day.

A pilot sat right next to her, which gave her great comfort.

Her dream home happened, right next to her sister!